Situated in the heart of South America, limits with Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. This strategic location makes it ideal for investments, visitors and tourists . This outstanding location is only a two hour flight to all major cities of South America.

It´s capital is Asunción and other important cities are Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, Concepción, Villarica, Coronel Oviedo, Pedro Juan Caballero among others.

Paraguay is right now a source of international investments, high growth of real estate investments with big buildings and shops. The incorporation of various international brands is constant in the country.

Asunción was founded on August 15, 1537. But it was in 1890 that Asunción started its urban progress that is more visible every day, with modern buildings and asphalted streets.

The combination of antique and modern buildings provides a charming appeareance.

• High concentration of young consumers, willing to invest in high tech articles.
• 90% of the sales is focused on local consumption and 10% towards Tourism.
• Constant incorporation of big stores, international brands of all categories and worldwide hotel chains.

Limits with Brazil, united to Foz de Iguazu by the Amistad Bridge. Distance from Asunción is 328 km.

In this city is where the Itaipu Dam is located, and is the second largest city of the country.

Ciudad del Este generates 60% of the national GDP, along with Foz de Iguazu, the trade of the area is based on luxury items, electronics, watches, liquors and perfumes.